day outings

Meet at Baked and Wired in Georgetown for a coffee and a cupcake:

Then head a few blocks away to the start of the C&O towpath:
Walk, bike or run as far out as you want (it goes 184.5 miles from Georgetown to Cumberland, Maryland), then turn around and come back to Georgetown.
Now, go explore Georgetown.  There is plenty to see and do: lots of historic homes, shops and restaurants (the main drag is M Street NW).  A few of our favorite restaurants in the area:

Towpath along the C&O canal in Georgetown.  

explore georgetown

Have fun!

get out on the water

Head to the wharf where you can rent kayaks or SUPs (stand up paddleboards) by the hour.  They also offer services like sunrise yoga, tours and classes, standup paddleboard yoga and fitness, private boat storage and a water jitney for quick transportation across the channel:
Before you leave, grab a picnic lunch from one of the many restaurants at the wharf:
If you are on a budget or time crunch, work up your appetite, then enjoy your lunch at one of the public parks at the wharf:
If not, kayak or paddleboard across to the East Potomac Park and tie up:
From there you can enjoy your picnic, play a round of regular golf or mini golf or a game of tennis (if you can manage to bring your rackets and balls on board).
What to wear: Something sporty and something you won't mind getting a little wet.  Bring sunglasses and sunscreen!
Have fun!

The Wharf Boathouse, Washington D.C.

Trapeze School NY, Washington D.C.

get the adrenaline pumping

If you have never experienced the rush of leaning out over a net far below while the only thing keeping you on the platform is the instructor holding your belt, and then the letting go, you haven't been living. Trapeze is a fun and bonding activity for friends, a date or a group, even for first-timers:
From there, head to Canal Park, where you can cool off in the Dancing Fountains in summer, and the Canal Park Ice Rink in winter (it also plays host to a farmers' market and free outdoor summer movie series):
You are bound to have worked up an appetite by this point, so head to the Navy Yard for a meal, a beer or an ice cream:
What to wear:  Something comfy and not baggy.  Bring sunscreen if you will be outside!
Have fun!