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April 30, 2020

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Did you know that research shows that “Social connection improves physical health and psychological well-being. One telling study showed that lack of social connection is a greater detriment to health than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure. On the flip side, strong social connection leads to a 50% increased chance of longevity. Social connection strengthens our immune system (research by Steve Cole shows that genes impacted by social connection also code for immune function and inflammation), helps us recover from disease faster, and may even lengthen our life. People who feel more connected to others have lower rates of anxiety and depression. Moreover, studies show they also have higher self-esteem, are more empathic to others, more trusting and cooperative and, as a consequence, others are more open to trusting and cooperating with them. Social connectedness therefore generates a positive feedback loop of social, emotional and physical well-being. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true for those who lack social connectedness. Low social connection has been generally associated with declines in physical and psychological health as well as a higher propensity to antisocial behavior that leads to further isolation.”
See full article here:  https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/feeling-it/201208/connect-thrive

We all are at least somewhat familiar with the research?  So, why don’t we pursue social connectedness like we pursue our careers, our healthy bodies, anything else we value?  Some common excuses:
-I’m too busy.  (you make time for what is important.  how much TV do you watch?)
-I already have friends. (yes, but do you have close friends that you can really talk to- or just a broad network of “friends”?)
-It’s too awkward to find new friends. (true.  so is everything else at the beginning.  push through that to get what you want.)
-Online dating is shallow. (not anymore.  that’s why we are here- to help you form real connections in person.)
-I don’t know how to make new friends. (you do now!  explore this website to get started on that journey.)
-I just moved here and don’t know where to go. (we have ideas!  get out of your house and explore!)
-I’m anxious about putting myself out there. (Everyone is nervous about meeting new people and doing new things.  But if you are willing to move through that uncomfortableness, you could come out on the other side with a more meaningful life!)

Get out of the house.  Meet someone new.  Put yourself out there.  Follow through.  Be open.  Don’t put too much pressure on it- not every encounter needs to result in a soul mate or a BFF.  Do more of what you like to do.  Have fun!

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